Carefully made biological inocula and consulting services

Crescive Soil Services - West Coast

I have personally worked with Sara Morrison, one of the soil life consultants on the job here.  Sara and Scott will understand your questions about biology and they will be able to give you biomass and numbers for bacteria/fungi/protozoa/nematodes in all of your soils and teas that you may be already using.

Microbes in My Soil -    New Mexico/Colorado

Nina is like me; she offers microbial assays by direct observation with the microscope, makes some compost, and is gearing up to start offering honest-to-goodness full-foodweb compost.  Unlike me, she has experience in rangeland systems.  Reach her through "Microbes in My Soil" a facebook-based web presence where she also curates an excellent list of articles and video about soil from the curious to the promising.

 Kingdom Aquaponics LLC - Some seriously next level biological products

A project by excellent dude of note: Leighton Morrison.  Aside from that unicorn of full-foodweb compost, Kingdom Aquaponics LLC produces a full-foodweb material so fine that you can dilute it and spray, quality compost tea with no need to brew or mess with filter/extractor bags.  I wouldn't believe it without seeing it under the scope for myself.  I have, and it's the real deal.  I actually use their product to demonstrate what really nice compost should look like under the microscope in my presentations.  Get the full scoop on their website, and don't be shy to pick up the phone, Leighton is fun to talk with.