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FAQs are the best.  I glance through them, someone probably had my question already, or thought of a good question that I hadn't thought of yet.  This page is empty because it's new, let the questions flow.

What is in that picture above?

That is a trichome at 400x magnification, it measures about 0.15mm or 150um across.  A trichome is a small hair that leaves can have on their surfaces.  This one is likely from the group of plants that includes the Russian Olive, genus Eleagnus.  I've seen them in Northern CA, Austin TX, and now Omaha NE.  Even if it's not actually a trichome from Eleagnus sp.* it doesn't count in the qualitative assay.  But I like them because they look cool

*sp. - a placeholder for species within the genus when the actual species is unknown or unimportant.  For example one might write "Felis sp. was sighted on the kitchen counter" if so this author does not know or care whether a housecat (Felis catus) or a jungle cat (Felis chaus) is on the counter.